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Our shoes

1. Made in Italy

B4Ballerina shoes are of the finest quality, MADE IN ITALY.

We pay exceptional attention to the quality of the raw materials used in each pair of ballerina flats. Our certified process tracing from source to delivery insures you, our customer that we produce only the highest quality ballerinas. The same criteria applies to our packaging and delivery process.

2. Customization

The customization process is done using raw materials of the finest quality,  produced in a secure environment. We guarantee thatour shoes are comfortable and that they have passed every test inspection.

3. Local presence

B4Ballerina is the first UK Company selling custom shoes of the finest quality,with the benefit of delivering within only 7 business days throughout Europe.

4. Convenience

B4Ballerinas online platform is easily available 24 hours a day.

You can customise your ballerinas any time, you don’t need to visit a conventional retail store which requires travel and must take place during business hours.

5. Price and selection

B4Ballerinas combines a very rapid shipping policy, with free shipping both ways and at a very competitive price.